Oil bonding agents

White granulates in 2 different grain sizes. Highly absorbent, incombustible, available in 20 kg sacks.

Dip stick

For water-miscible cooling lubricants to measure concentrations, pH-value, nitrite, copper, cobalt etc.

Mixing devices

Clip-on barrel mixing units to mix cooling lubricants with water.

Spray programme

Oil removal devices

Tramp oil separators, oil skimmers etc. to extend the service lives of emulsions.

Filter fleeces

For paper belt filters to filter water-miscible cooling lubricants and processing oils.
Available in all qualities, such as viscous, viscous polyester, polyester and polypropylene.
See product overview

Skin care

For skin care when handling water-miscible cooling lubricants and processing oils.

See skin care program

FAG 800 Mischgerät