About us

Welcome to ZET-CHEMIE

Get to know our company and find out about the wide range of products we offer for processing metals.
We supply the best lubricants for every type of metal processing and for every material.
Our range includes water-based cleaners and products containing solvents for subsequent cleaning processes.
In order to round off the system, ZET-corr corrosion products are important components for an integrated solution.

Get in touch with us, we are always happy to advise you personally.

Cooling Lubricants

Water-miscible cooling lubricant concentrates containing mineral oil for all processing requirements and all materials. Water-miscible mineral oil free lubricants for grinding and processing. Bio-stable, easy care, tried-and-tested, kind to the skin.

Cutting Oils / Grinding Oils

Odourless, clear products for all processing requirements. Biologically degradable lubricants, also for minimum volume lubrication. The fluids evaporate without leaving residues, e.g. for die-cutting.

Corrosion Protection

Dewatering fluids with long lasting protection against corrosion. Anti-corrosion oils without solvents. Water-miscible anti-corrosion concentrates. VOC-free anti-corrosion oils.

Metal Cleaners

Cold cleaners with outstanding dirt removal properties. Spray degreasers able to be mixed with water for washing machines. Dip degreasers for baths and ultrasonic equipment.

Industrial Lubricants

Hydraulic oils for every application, gearbox oils of all viscosities, demulsifying track lubricating oils, compressor oils, greases.


Oil bonding agents, oil skimmers, refractometers, mixing devices, pH-dip sticks, dip slides, filter fleeces.