Industrial Lubricants

Industrieschmierstoffe Hydrauliköl HLP
Industrieschmierstoffe Industriegetriebeöl CLP
Industrieschmierstoffe Gleit-Bettbahnöle CGLP
HLP hydraulic oils

These hydraulic oils are characterised by their good demulsifying properties, high stability against ageing and wear protection features.

They correspond to DIN 51524 Part 2 

Available in the viscosity range ISO 2 – 150.

HLP-D hydraulic oil

Hydraulic oil conform to DIN 51524 Part 2 with excellent detergent and dispersion features, plus wear protection.

Available in the viscosity range ISO 5 -150

CLP industrial gearbox oils

High-performance gearbox oils for all industrial applications.
The products correspond to DIN 51517 Part 3.
The load stage is greater than 12.

Available in the viscosity range ISO 5 – 680.

CGLP sliding track lubricating oils

Lubricants for tracks and guide rails which reliably prevent stick-slip movements. The good demulsifying properties prevents them mixing with cooling lubricants. Corresponds to DIN 51502 CGLP

Available in the viscosity range ISO 32 – 460.

Industrieschmierstoffe Kompressorenöl
Industrieschmierstoffe Spindelöl
Industrieschmierstoffe Schmierfette
VDL ZET-compressor oil

Compressor oils with low evaporation losses and high stability against ageing conform to DIN 51506 VDL. Deployment in reciprocating and rotary lobe compressors according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Available in the viscosity range ISO 68 – 150.

Spindle oils

Paraffin-based machine oils for lubricating spindles in tooling machines. The products are transparent and resistant to oxidation.

Available in the viscosity range ISO 2 – 32

Lubrication greases

Multi-purpose greases, fluid greases, bearing greases, high temperature greases, silicon greases in all NLGi classes and all container sizes from cartridges through to drums.

Industrieschmierstoffe Motorenöle
Automotive Lubricants
Engine oils

We offer an extensive range of lubricants that meet the requirements of many engines. Starting from car oils with petrol or diesel engines to trucks with EURO IV emission limits.

Gear oils

In each engine, the gearbox play a key role of ensuring the best possible performance.

We offer you an extensive product range. These include oils for heavily loaded machine, lubricants for modern automatic and robot controlled transmission and gear oils for agricultural machinery.


Foodstuff lubricants, white oils, biologically degradable lubricants, heat transfer oils, cylinder oils etc.


Whether you are micro machinig, finishing or roughing, we have the best dielectrica for you.

Also for the new generation of multi-function eroding and grinding machines, low-odor products are available.

Select the right product for your application from different viscosities.