Corrosion Protection

Corrosion of metal components can be caused by the interaction of various factors.
The economic damage caused by corrosion shall be estimated at present to worldwide more than 180 billion dollars. An already corroded portion can be set only by expensive measures serviced.
With the appropriate corrosion protection products, this can be preemptively prevented.
Here, the film thickness and the composition of the corrosion protection plays a decisive role. Our experts will advise you to provide your plants and components with the best protection against corrosion.


Overview of our Corrosion Protection Products

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barely film formation
oily/thin film
greasy film
wax-like film
contains solvants
solvent-free / emulsifiable
storage time
ZET-corr 810 ++ ++ ca. 2 weeks
ZET-corr 812 ++ ++ ca. 3 months
ZET-corr 814 ++ ++ ca. 6 months
ZET-corr 815 ++ ++ ca. 9 months
ZET-corr 818 ++ ca. 9 months
ZET-corr 600 E* ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ depends on concentration
ZET-corr 830 ++ ++ unlimited

* film thickness is controlled by concentration

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